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Miley Cyrus And Lindsay Lohan: Party Pals?! Get The Scoop On Their Night Out Together!

Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus News the night was not nearly as scandalous as the tabloid claims. Despite the rumors that the duo "stayed until just after 5 a.m." and even left together, an insider tells E! News "Lindsay Lohan came into 1OAK on Saturday night and a short while later Miley Cyrus came in. They did not come in together." "When Lindsay saw Miley she went over to her table and started chatting to her," the source adds. "They were in great happy moods and enjoying the music." VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan say twerking is so 2013 in hilarious sketch Instagram While both starlets are known for their penchant for partying, the source insists front page that the newly rehabbed singer, who recently completed her court-appointed 90-day stint in treatment, and the 20-year-old "Wrecking Ball" singer were not drinking, nor was anyone in their crew, which included Magic Johnson's son E.J. Johnson and Andrew Warren. The Page Six report also claimed that Ralph Lauren model Morgan O'Connor was present, although the source also tells E! News that he was not in attendance for the late night outing. A second source confirms that Lindsay was "dead sober" and the girls danced all night together. The group arrived at the club at 1 and every one left by 3 a.m. The insider also adds that LiLo and Miley have "a lot of mutual friends and are cordial to each other," but we shouldn't expect to see the pair out together much.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/475190/miley-cyrus-and-lindsay-lohan-party-pals-get-the-scoop-on-their-night-out-together

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